This is a follow up to my previous article, Fat and Fearless.

With the amount of content that is lauched out into the digital world on a daily basis, it can be easy to forget that we all have an impact. Our articles, tweets, and Insta-stories are just a drop in the bucket, but if you’ve ever had a leaky roof — you understand how much impact just one drop can produce.

About three years ago, I published a piece here on Medium titled Fat and Fearless.

I had been driving the same Ford Taurus for nearly a decade and I loved her dearly, but it was time to upgrade. Honestly, it was probably time 2 years ago, but I depise the dealership car buying process so much (and I wasn’t crazy about having a car payment again…) that I put it off. For years. I hate it that much.

When I learned about Carvana’s online car buying process, I was immediately intrigued. I spent months checking the quickly changing inventory and agnozing over whether it was crazy to order a car, unseen, over the internet. But…

This is Gus. I believe she is here to teach me about letting go of my need to control everything.

Gus — a female lab-mix who does not subscribe to gender norms — is our family dog. She lived in the Konen household before I got here and we’ve come a long way in our relationship. At first, I was overwhelmed by her energy and she didn’t much care to recognize my authority.

After almost two years of cohabiting, she’s my sweet shadow and has inspired a mild amount of jealousy in the Konen boys because I seem to be…

Recently, I embarked on one of the most empowering, scary, and liberating adventures a woman can tackle — a solo trip. I have traveled solo before a bit, but this was the first time I took an entire vacation on my own.

It wasn’t initially supposed to be solo travel, but unfortunate circumstances turned a girls’ trip into a solo adventure. In this instance, it was an overnight train trip to Denver to enjoy my first-ever concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater. …

I’m fat. I’m not saying that to beat myself up, just stating a fact. For my entire life, I’ve been overweight and you know what — it hasn’t stopped me from doing shit.

Until pretty recently, I would rarely use that term to describe myself. And if I did in the company of others, it was often met with “Oh, honey, you’re not fat” or “don’t say that about yourself.” Their well-meaning comments were just a symptom of societal views that fat is bad. Outside of those views, fat just is. And I is. And it is ok.

This past…

Freelancing can be downright lonely sometimes.

I love freelancing. Most of the time it’s amazing. I have control of my career, my scheduling, and ultimately my life. But — as there is with everything — there are downsides to freelancing. If you’re thinking about taking the jump to freelancing or you are already there looking to identify with someone — I want to offer an honest portrait of freelancing.

Some of the things that make freelancing amazing can also be the culprit behind the negatives. Here are a few reasons the digital nomad, freelancing lifestyle can be lonely:

You are Physically Isolated

Freelancing means you can work from ANYWHERE. I…

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Creator of words, music, and magic. Proponent of freelancing and freedom.

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